Syntropy Chiropractic Training helps chiropractors develop into the best adjusters on the planet! Through 3 day seminars and ongoing support, in the last decade Syntropy has trained tens of thousands of chiropractors across 5 continents!


Working with multiple assistants and external teams was taking more and more time away from the real work and confusing their messages. Syntropy's founders needed to clarify their processes, save time, and sell more tickets - pouring more fuel on the fire of their already growing business!


Syntropy needed 1 team to handle all their marketing needs (paid advertising, customer queries, social media, website, videos, graphic design, etc…), keeping all the benefits of a highly-relational internal team, while functioning independently as external marketing experts.
From15 tickets sold weekly
To31 tickets sold weekly
With a clarified message, amplified marketing, and consistent daily execution - Syntropy doubled the rate of tickets sold year over year!


After 🙂

Consistently Posting Valuable Content 3x Per Week!

Before 😞

Randomly Posting Event Promotions 1x Per Month


After 🙂

  • Daily posting to all relevant platforms!
  • Executing a systematized email marketing plan!
  • Organized all files neatly in a shared cloud!
  • Created robust SOPs for the entire business operations!
  • Managing the entire business in avg 3 hrs per week!

    Before 😔

    • Inconsistent social media posting
    • Random email marketing promotions
    • Unorganized documents, images, & videos
    • Using many platforms to track tasks & people
    • Managing 3 different assistants 24hrs a day


    Owners Time Reclaimed Each Month
    More Tickets Sold In 2022
    Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

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