Solace Asia

Solace Asia is SE Asia's premier, evidence-based, addiction rehabilitation service, based in Malaysia and with offices in over 5 countries. Solace provides world-class addiction and mental health services across the globe.


Travel restrictions significantly negatively affected the main patient sources.

Solace wanted to create new revenue streams, consistently bringing in patients, using referral networks, and optimizing their online presence.


Solace needed to increase brand awareness, generate more customer leads online, and create a global network for referrals in order to 2x the number of new patient admissions!
Before12 Beds Capacity
AfterOpened New Facility With 22 Beds
We helped Solace increase their online presence, convert leads more effectively, expand operations to multiple other countries, and increase their capacity for beds and revenue by $120,000 per month.


After 🙂

Before 😞


After 🙂

  • Consolidated all marketing efforts to one trustworthy team
  • Expanded partnership and referral relationships to 20+
  • Generating leads from 6 international websites
  • Interviewing celebrities, partnering with governments, and hosting conferences
  • Streamlined inquiry management and visibility to funnel

Before 😔

  • Managing 5+ different marketing teams and individuals
  • Relationships with just a few affiliate businesses
  • Lacking the needed leads 1 website was providing
  • Attending a few random conferences and events
  • Disorganized marketing and sales funnel


Videos Produced On Addiction Treatment
0 Beds
Now Available At New Treatment Facility
Increase In Customer Inquiries

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